April 2021 Pinball Tournament at Arcade Galactic

Here’s the tournament plan for Saturday 4/24/21 at Arcade Galactic (Valley Fair Mall)

  • Start/Qualifying: 12:00pm -3:00pm open high score qualifyingFinals: 3:10pm
  • Format: High Score, Finals will be top 4 or top 25% of qualifiers depending on # of entries.
  • $10 entry + coin drop.
  • 100% of entry fees paid out to top finishers.
  • Current Lineup: Addams Family, Stranger Things, Dirty Harry, Johnny Mnemonic, Fish Tales, Space Shuttle, Ghostbusters, and Firepower 2.
  • Etiquette: Play a game and let anyone waiting play their game before starting another game.
  • Drain extra balls. Playing extra balls disqualifies your score for that game. You may set up a skill shot and plunge, but cannot press a flipper button.
  • As a side objective there is a bounty on Dirty Harry’s Crime Wave—meaning the first (if any) person to reach “Crime Wave” wizard mode in a competition game wins this bullet promo plastic from the game and their $10 entry fee.
Here are the results from qualifying. The side-quest of the bounty on Dirty Harry went unclaimed. Top 4 made it to a finals 3-game playoff that included 4-player games on Addams Family, Stranger Things, and Space Shuttle. Steve Strom won the playoffs. Congrats and big thanks to everyone who came out to play.

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