Black Rose Color DMD Installation

Recently, I ran into an issue with installing a color dmd (LED version) into a Black Rose pinball machine. Turns out has instructions, but didn’t know/realize this at the time of installation, but happy to say it basically went the exact same way.

The main issue is that the game doesn’t have a speaker panel like most pinball machines of the 90’s that get color dmds. Instead the dmd is mounted via 6 plastic posts on the light board behind the backglass. The issue becomes clear when attempting to mount the new dmd on the existing plastic standoffs. The pcb controller board on the back of the dmd doesn’t fit and will have to be re-located.

Mounting the pcb is best done on the back of the light board. First you have to remove the controller board. I happened to have some circuit board standoff posts, but you could probably get away with just 4 wood screws. The ribbon cables didn’t have any issue reaching the new placement of the board.

Here’s the final result with the backglass re-installed.

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