Welcome to Utah Pinball Repair!

Is your pinball machine not working or in need of a tune up? We can help. We are located in Salt Lake City and travel to nearby cities/counties for repair service in customer homes and businesses. We repair most electronic pinball games and arcade machines from the 1980’s to present. The typical cost for a pinball repair visit ranges from $175 to $250 and lasts about an hour. We can often schedule repair visits in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate varying schedules.

Call or text 801-898-2534 for a free estimate or to set up a repair visit.

Services We Offer

  • On-Site/In-Home repair visits
  • In-shop repair for more extensive work (complete pinball shop, monitor repair, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting unknown game issues
  • Flipper repair and rebuild
  • Resolving lighting issues
  • Rubber replacement
  • Light/LED replacement
  • Replacing burned connectors
  • Clean, wax, level and tune up

Locations Served

In general, we offer pinball repair services to locations from as far north as Ogden to as far south as Payson. A service call fee is estimated based on travel distance and time to your location. This fee can range from $75 to $100. If you’re outside of this area, contact us and we’ll work towards a solution.

Pinball Repair Warranty

We’re confident in our work and will warranty labor for up to 14 days from the date of the repair. This warranty is for labor, if additional replacement parts are needed costs will be stated before proceeding with any repair. This also would not include repairing the same machine for issues not originally part of the initial repair visit.

Covid-19 Precautions

Let’s help each other stay healthy and curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We ask that you don’t request a service visit if any member of your household is feeling ill or has symptoms. We will plan on wearing a mask and sanitizing anything touched during the visit. We also ask that social distancing guidelines be followed during the visit.

Call or text 801-898-2534 for a free estimate or to set up a repair visit.