Wizard of Oz Jump Start

Got a call about a Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road pinball machine that was not working. Ding dong the pinball is dead… Upon arrival the game had zero signs of life except for some LEDs on the power board but the power supply for the PC was completely inactive. It was getting power but not producing any of the regulated voltages for the PC.

Here’s the breakdown of the issue. The pc had entered a ” safe” mode due to what it considered unreliable power. The game was positioned in a bank of four other pinball machines all of which were connected to a wall switch to power them on and off. Turning off the PC with a wall switch instead of the cabinet switch is a less graceful way of powering off the game, so the computer instead basically detected a brown out and put itself in a safe mode.

The solution is to reset the game as you would with the reset button on your average pc. However, a the pc in a Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine does not have a reset button installed. For this you need to manually jump the reset switch to ground. Once doing and allowing the cpu to boot up the pc should exit the “safe” mode. This was the case for this pin, I powered the game on and off a few times to test its stability. So long as the machine is powered down with the cabinet switch instead of the wall switch the issue is resolved.

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